The Making and Meaning of Art 1st Edition Schneider Adams King Test Bank


The Making and Meaning of Art 1st Edition Schneider Adams King Test Bank



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Part I: Creating and Defining Works
of Art
Chapter 1: What is Art?

Multiple Choice
1. The kings of __________ created oshun or “spirit heads” to express their control over the natural world.
A. Benin
B. Mali
C. Togo
D. Ghana
E. Ivory Coast
Answer: A
Page ref: 6

2. Pablo Picasso was a leading __________ artist of the twentieth century.
A. Renaissance
B. realist
C. impressionist
D. baroque
E. modernist
Answer: E
Page ref: 14

3. In 1919 the artist __________ drew a mustache and beard on Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
(fig. 5.5).
A. Marcel Duchamp
B. Rembrandt van Rijn
C. Winslow Homer
D. Robert Mapplethorpe
E. Pablo Picasso
Answer: A
Page ref: 15

4. Martin Luther’s protests against the corruption of the Catholic Church led to the __________.
A. Carnivale
B. Protestant Reformation
C. split of the Holy Roman Empire
D. Iconoclastic Controversy
E. none of the above
Answer: B
Page ref: 8

5. When an artist depicts an object with simplified, abstract surface patterns, this term is used.
A. Naturalization
B. Idealization
C. Stylization
D. Representation
E. Figuration
Answer: C
Page ref: 5

6. The artist of the work entitled Chock (fig. 1.7) is __________.
A. the Tlingit Indians of the Northwest Coast of the United States
B. Robert Mapplethorpe
C. Rembrandt van Rijn
D. Constantin Brancusi
E. Alexander Calder
Answer: E
Page ref: 7

7. Chock (fig. 1.7) displays a tension between the natural and the __________.
A. pasted
B. constructed
C. cut
D. torn
E. all of the above
Answer: B
Page ref: 7

8. The work Chock (fig. 1.7) is called a __________.
A. mobile
B. painting
C. stabile
D. ceramic
E. headdress
Answer: A
Page ref: 7

9. A(n) __________ figure is an animal image that represents a clan member’s ancestral spirit among the Tlingit Indians of the Northwest Coast of the United States.
A. mudra
B. totem
C. anthropos
D. oba
E. bodhisattva
Answer: B
Page ref: 6

10. __________ is known for his highly detailed, realistic representations of birds.
A. Alexander Calder
B. Michelangelo Buonarroti
C. Giorgione da Castelfranco
D. John James Audubon
E. Edouard Manet
Answer: D
Page ref: 4

11. __________ is the title of Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1989 exhibition that became the focus of a lawsuit.
A. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Man
B. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Provocative Image
C. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Representation of Life
D. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Black and White Photographs
E. Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Image
Answer: E
Page ref: 12-13

12. The __________ are a nomadic people who lived in southern Russia from the eighth to the fourth century B.C.
A. Scythians
B. Dacians
C. Parthians
D. Lydians
E. Etruscans
Answer: A
Page ref: 5

13. __________ is the act of preventing works of art from being displayed.
A. Partisanship
B. Censorship
C. Anthropomorphization
D. Apostrophize
E. Ethnocentrism
Answer: B
Page ref: 12

14. Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (fig. 1.10) by Édouard Manet caused a stir at this exhibition in 1863.
A. The Salon d’Automne
B. The Crystal Palace Exhibition
C. The Salon des Refusés
D. The Salon Carrée
E. all of the above
Answer: C
Page ref: 10-11

15. The court case Constantin Brancusi v. United States determined that ___________ was a work of art.
A. Wild Turkey
B. Drawing of the Flights of Birds
C. Pole-Top
D. Bird in Space
E. none of the above
Answer: D
Page ref: 2-3

16. L.H.O.O.Q. (fig. 1.15) by Marcel Duchamp modifies Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.
Answer: T
Page ref: 15

17. The Tlingit Raven Barbecuing Hat (fig. 1.6) represents a totem figure.
Answer: T
Page ref: 6

18. Avant-garde means “the advance guard.”
Answer: T
Page ref: 16

19. Pablo Picasso was an Impressionist artist.
Answer: F
Page ref: 14

20. Rembrandt van Rijn was painting during the nineteenth century.
Answer: F
Page ref: 14

21. Distortion of a representational image into simplified forms covered with abstract surface patterns is called idealization.
Answer: F
Page ref: 5

22. Robert Mapplethorpe received a grant for $15,000 in 1989.
Answer: T
Page ref: 12

23. The plaintiff in the case that involved Brancusi’s Bird in Space (frontispiece, chapter 1) was the American government.
Answer: F
Page ref: 2

24. The royal oshun (fig. 1.5) figure was created by the Tlingit people of the Northwest Coast of America.
Answer: F
Page ref: 6

25. Édouard Manet used friends and family as models for the people represented in Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (fig. 1.10).
Answer: T
Page ref: 10-11

Fill in the Blanks
26. When a precise date is not known, the term __________ is used.
Answer: circa or c.
Page ref: 5

27. __________ created the work Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) (fig. 1.10).
Answer: Édouard Manet
Page ref: 11

28. The figure Chock (fig. 1.7) was created by the artist ___________.
Answer: Alexander Calder
Page ref: 7

29. A(n) ___________ is a “spirit head” used by the rulers of the Kingdom of Benin.
Answer: oshun
Page ref: 6

30. The Protestant Reformation came about when the German cleric __________called for reform of the Roman Catholic Church.
Answer: Martin Luther


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