Textbook of Basic Nursing 9th Edition Rosdahl Kowalski Test Bank


Textbook of Basic Nursing 9th Edition Rosdahl Kowalski Test Bank



ISBN-10: 0781769361

ISBN-13: 9780781769365 978-0781769365

1. A client, who is in a coma, is being treated in an acute care facility. Under which
circumstance can the nurse move the client from the intensive care unit (ICU) to the
subacute care unit?
A) Client’s need for acuity care has decreased
B) Client is ready for discharge
C) Client has regained consciousness
D) Client’s economic condition does not permit him to remain in ICU
Ans: A
2. A client is being admitted to a hospital for treatment. Which factor would help the nurse
determine whether the client needs an extended care facility instead of an acute care
A) Client’s condition is very serious
B) Client needs a high level of nursing care
C) Client requires close and continuous monitoring
D) Client requires admission for an extended period of time.
Ans: D
3. Some hospitals play an important role in research. Which hospital or facility is most
likely to require a nurse to do research in the better treatment of clients?
A) Telehealth services
B) University settings
C) Hospice care service
D) Home healthcare service
Ans: B
4. A client discharged from the hospital is now at home. The client requires assistance in
relation to the treatment prescribed by the physician. The client needs information
quickly. Which service best suits this client’s needs?
A) Home healthcare service
B) Telehealth
C) Hospice care service
D) Community health service
Ans: B
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5. An industrial unit in which the employees regularly handle heavy machinery has
employed a nurse. Which intervention is most relevant for the nurse in this work
A) Supervising administration of immunizations for employees
B) Screening for common disorders at the workplace
C) Administering medications at the workplace
D) Preventing accidents at the workplace
Ans: D
6. A nurse is looking for a source that details the standards of quality that guide the nursing
staff when providing care. Which is the most reliable source to get this information?
A) Standards of nursing practice
B) Client feedback analysis
C) Standards of performance
D) Peer performance analysis
Ans: A
7. A nurse is checking the qualities by which a hospital is accredited. Which standard is
considered during the accreditation process?
A) Minimum standards of service to client and community
B) Years the hospital has been in existence
C) Cost of treatment
D) Number of staff employed
Ans: A


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