Test Bank Theoretical Basis for Nursing 3rd Edition McEwen


Test Bank Theoretical Basis for Nursing 3rd Edition McEwen



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Chapter 1- Philosophy, Science, and Nursing

1. Nursing has been considered both a profession and an occupation. Which of the following supports defining nursing as a profession?
A) Autonomy
B) Learned vocation
C) Varied level of skill
D) Career with varied knowledge

2. How many levels of entry into practice exist for registered nurses?
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four

3. Nursing is classified as which type of science?
A) Pure
B) Natural
C) Human
D) Applied

4. In defining the philosophy of nursing, which of the following would not be included?
A) Purpose of human life
B) Nature of being
C) Theory of knowledge
D) Scientific method

5. When discussing the science and philosophy of a discipline, how would one define the two in relation to each other?
A) Autonomous
B) Reliant
C) Linked
D) Unrelated

6. Philosophy’s definition includes which of the following?
A) Study of problems that are abstract and general
B) Measures observable phenomena of interest in a discipline
C) Empirical way of gathering data
D) Grounded and tested in experience

7. Based on the science and philosophical schools of thought, which one is founded on the belief that what is experienced is what exists and that experiences be verified through scientific methodology?
A) Received view
B) Human science
C) Phenomenology
D) Constructivism

8. Based on the science and philosophical schools of thought, which one centers on descriptions that are derived from collectively lived experiences, interrelatedness, human interpretation, and learned reality?
A) Empiricism
B) Positivism
C) Rationalism
D) Perceived view

9. When defining nursing philosophy, which of the following is appropriate?
A) Refers to the belief system of the profession and provides perspectives for practice, scholarship, and research.
B) The substantive, discipline-specific knowledge that focuses on the human-universe-health process.
C) Refers to the system of relationship of human response in health and illness.
D) Responsible for generation of knowledge, which provides direction for future.

10. When discussing the knowledge development in nursing science, the study of theory is referred to as which of the following?
A) Ontology
B) Epistemology
C) Methodology
D) Philosophy

11. There are several defined ways of knowing. Which way of knowing is defined as “a priori knowledge that pertain to knowledge gained from thought alone?”
A) Empirics
B) Personal
C) Intuitive
D) Somatic

12. Patterns of knowledge in nursing include use of knowledge from nursing and other disciplines, abstracted and generalized beyond personal experience. Of which pattern of knowledge is this representative?
A) Clinical knowledge
B) Emancipatory knowing
C) Conceptual knowledge
D) Empirical knowledge

13. Nursing is described as a human science based on inclusion of which of the following in the discipline?
A) Physiology
B) Human health
C) Anthropology
D) All of the above

14. A study is conducted and the methodology used for the data collection is focused on testing a hypothesis and seeking to prove or disprove the hypothesis. Which type of methodology is being used?
A) Qualitative
B) Quantitative
C) Methodologic pluralism

15. During the course of a nursing research study, the research selects a theory with a phenomenological foundation seeking to explore the experiences of teens living with HIV. Which type of methodology is being used?
A) Qualitative
B) Quantitative
C) Methodologic pluralism

Answer Key

1. A
2. C
3. D
4. D
5. C
6. A
7. A
8. D
9. A
10. B
11. B
12. C
13. D
14. B
15. A


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