Test Bank for Statistics, 3/E 3rd Edition : 0321891953


Test Bank for Statistics, 3/E 3rd Edition : 0321891953

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A Descriptive Test Bank for Statistics, 3/E By Alan Agresti, University of Florida Christine A. Franklin, University of Georgia ISBN-10: 0321891953 ISBN-13: 9780321891952

Part 1: Gathering and Exploring Data
1. Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data
2. Exploring Data with Graphs and Numerical Summaries
3. Association: Contingency, Correlation, and Regression
4. Gathering Data

Part 2: Probability, Probability Distributions, and Sampling Distributions
5. Probability in Our Daily Lives
6. Probability Distributions
7. Sampling Distributions

Part 3: Inferential Statistics
8. Statistical Inference: Confidence Intervals
9. Statistical Inference: Significance Tests about Hypotheses
10. Comparing Two Groups

Part 4: Analyzing Association and Extended Statistical Methods
11. Analyzing the Association Between Categorical Variables
12. Analyzing the Association Between Quantitative Variables: Regression Analysis
13. Multiple Regression
14. Comparing Groups: Analysis of Variance Methods


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