Test Bank for Starting Out With Visual Basic 2012, 6th Edition Gaddis, Irvine


Test Bank for Starting Out With Visual Basic 2012, 6th Edition Gaddis, Irvine


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Chapter 2
Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1. The properties of a control are listed in the
a. Options
b. Properties
c. Solution Explorer
d. Project

2. When you select a control on a form in the Designer window,
a. its color changes to dark blue
b. the tool box will be visible
c. its sizing handles appear
d. the project will automatically be saved

3. If a Label control’s AutoSize property equals False and the label is not wide enough for the text assigned to the control,
a. the text will be only partially displayed
b. none of the text will be displayed
c. the extra text is wrapped onto the next line or lines
d. the label will expand to fit the text

4. When Visual Studio displays a new project, a blank form is shown in the
a. Properties
b. ToolBox
c. Project
d. Designer

5. In order to delete a control from a form, you should select the control and then
a. click the Remove Item icon on the menu bar
b. click the Cut icon in the Properties window
c. press the Delete key on the keyboard
d. click Delete from the VIEW menu

6. Which value of the SizeMode property is used to automatically adjust the size of a PictureBox control to fit the size of the image?
a. Normal
b. Zoom
c. CenterImage
d. AutoSize

7. A Visual Studio project may be saved in all of the following ways except
a. Click FILE on the Visual Studio menu bar, and then click Save All
b. Press Ctrl+Shift+S on the keyboard
c. Click the Save Project button on the standard toolbar
d. Click the Save All button on the standard toolbar

8. Which of one of the following will stop an application and end its execution?
a. Click the EDIT on the Visual Studio menu bar, and then click Delete
b. Click the Minimize button on the applications window
c. Click DEBUG on the Visual Studio menu bar, and then click Stop Debugging
d. Press F1 on the keyboard

9. The project file is saved with this file extension.
a. .sln
b. .vb
c. .vbproj
d. .proj

10. A label control may be added to a form by double-clicking on the Label control icon in the
a. Properties
b. ToolBox
c. Project
d. Designer

11. The code template for an event handler identifies it as a type of
a. Module
b. Function
c. Method
d. Sub

12. If the Visible property of a control is set to false, it
in the Designer window.
a. is grayed out
b. is no longer displayed
c. continues to be shown
d. becomes inactive

13. You can display the Code window in all of the following ways except
a. Click the View Code button in the Solution Explorer window
b. Click PROJECT on the menu bar, and then click Show all files
c. Click VIEW on the menu bar, and then select Code
d. Press the F7 key

14. In the statement Me.Close(), the keyword Me refers to
a. the current form
b. the programmer
c. the Close method
d. the Close button

15. The
property can prevent the user from resizing your application’s form at runtime.
a. WindowState
b. ShowInTaskBar
c. MinMaxSize
d. FormBorderStyle

16. To lock all of the controls on a form during design time,
a. left-click an empty spot on the form, then click Locked in the properties window
b. right-click an empty spot on the form, then select the Lock Controls option from the pop-up menu
c. click Window on the Menu Bar, then click Lock Controls
d right-click the form, then click the lock controls icon on the toolbar

17. The form’s
property can be set to True or False, depending on whether or not you want the minimize button to appear.
a. MinimizeBox
b. ShowMinimizeButton
c. HideButtonMinimize
d. FormBorderStyle

18. A Label control’s
property allows a label to change size to fit the text in its text property.
a. Autosize
b. Size
c. TextAlign
d. Grow

19. Compile errors
a. result from an attempt to perform an operation that cannot execute
b. are not syntax errors
c. are errors found while an application is running
d. are errors such as misspelled key words or incorrect use of operators

20. You can run an application in all of the following ways except
a. Click the Start Debugging button on the toolbar
b. Press the Ctrl-F4 keys
c. Press the F5 key
d. Click DEBUG on the menu bar, and then click Start Debugging

21. IntelliSense is a feature of Visual Studio that
a. provides hints about the input data requested from the user
b. provides automatic code completion as you write programming statements
c. allows the user to easily modify properties for a control in design mode
d. is a feature that will help the programmer use proper naming conventions

22. When you have an item selected and press the F1 key, you get __.
a. properties window
b. the solution explorer window
c. context-sensitive help
d. tool-tip for the item

23. The code that is executed when the user clicks a button is known as
a. a property
b. a control
c. an event handler
d. a keyword

24. The value of a control’s property may be changed while the application is running by
a. using an assignment statement
b. using the Properties window
c. using the Toolbox window
d. all of the above

25. The
property appears in parentheses so it will appear at the top of the alphabetical Property list.
a. Name
b. Text
c. Visible
d. all of the above

26. Which of the following is not a valid value for the FormBorderStyle property?
a. Fixed3D
b. Sizable
c. FixedSingle
d. FixedDouble

27. Which of the following statements are correct?
a. A Visual Studio project is a container that holds a solution.
b. A Visual Studio project may have multiple solutions.
c. A Visual Studio project must belong to a solution.
d. Both A and B are correct.

28. Assume you have a Button control named btnDisplayList. Which is the default name for an event procedure that will be executed when the user clicks on the control?
a. Click_btnDisplayList
b. btnDisplayList_Click
c. btnDisplayList_ClickEvent
d. btnDisplayList_ClickButton

29. Programs should use comments (remarks) to
a. explain what the code does
b. save time when the program must be modified
c. save time when you have to debug the program
d. all of the above

30. Choose the correct assignment statement for a Label control named lblTitle that would align the control’s text with the middle and center of the control’s bounding box?
a. lblTitle.TextAlign = MiddleCenter
b. lblTitle.TextAlign = Middle
c. lblTitle.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.Center
d. lblTitle.TextAlign = ContentAlignment.MiddleCenter

31. Which property determines the characters that appear in the title bar of Form1?
a. Form1.Name
b. Form1.Text
c. Form1.Caption
d. Form1.Title

32. What will the following section of code do?
Private Sub btnExit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
ByVal e as System.EventArgs) Handles btnExit.Click
End Sub

a. Shut down the computer
b. Log off the current user
c. Close the current form
d. All of the above

33. Which of the following displays a message box with the text “Hello World”?
a. MessageBox.Show(“Hello World”)
b. MessageBox.Display(“Hello World”)
c. MessageBox.Text(“Hello World”)
d. MessageBox.Send(“Hello World”)

34. The
control uses a Label to display program status information and messages to the user.
a. LinkLabel
b. StatusStrip
c. ErrorProvider
d. TextBox

35. The
_ property of a label determines if the label can be seen by the user at runtime.
a. Active
b. Visible
c. Invisible
d. Enabled

36. The color of the text in a Label control is determined by the
a. Color
b. Font
c. ForeColor
d. TextColor
Chapter 2
Answer Section

Answer Page Reference
1. b 46
2. c 50
3. a 88
4. d 46
5. c 52
6. d 52
7. c 47
8. c 58
9. c 60
10. b 48
11. d 70
12. c 68
13. b 76
14. a 79
15. d 82
16. b 83
17. a 82
18. a 88
19. d 99
20. b 56
21. b 84
22. c 98
23. c 70
24. a 74
25. a 62
26. d 82
27. c 58
28. b 74
29. d 79
30. d 90
31. b 47
32. c 78
33. a 91
34. b 93
35. b 64
36. c 81


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