Test Bank for Genetics and Genomics for Nursing, : 0132960842


Test Bank for Genetics and Genomics for Nursing, : 0132960842



A Descriptive Test Bank for Genetics and Genomics for Nursing, By Carole A. Kenner Judith A. Lewis ISBN-10: 0132960842ISBN-13: 9780132960847

Part 1: Back to the Basics
Module 1. Genetics and Genomics: Definitions and Trends
Module 2. Essential Competencies in Genetics and Genomics
Module 3. Family Context of Clinical Genetics
Part 2: Basic Genetic Concepts
Module 4. Genes & Chromosomes; Meiosis and Mitosis
Module 5. Aneuploidy
Module 6. Mosiacism
Module 7. Mendelian Inheritance
Module 8. Genetics and Fetal Development
Part 3: Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications
Module 9. Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications of the Human Genome Project
Module 10. Prenatal Testing/Screening
Module 11. Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing: Ethical Considerations
Module 12. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Legislation
Part 4: Assessment
Module 13. Family History Tool
Module 14. Risk Assessment.
Part 5: Cancer Genetics
Module 15. Immunogenetics
Module 16. Cancer Genetics
Part 6: Public Health Genetics
Module 17. Impact of Environment on Health: Interaction with Genes
Module 18. Common Diseases with Genetic Linkages
Part 7: Psychiatric Disorders
Module 19. Bipolar Disease and Genetic Linkages.
Module 20. Depression and Genetic Linkages
Module 21. Addictive Behaviors and Genetic Linkages
Module 22. Autism
Part 8: Special Topics
Module 23. Pharmacogenomics
Module 24. Genetics and Aging


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