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Test Bank for C How to Program, 7/E 7th Edition : 013299044X


Test Bank for C How to Program, 7/E 7th Edition : 013299044X


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A Descriptive Test Bank for C How to Program, 7/E By Paul Deitel Harvey Deitel ISBN-10: 013299044X ISBN-13: 9780132990448

1 Introduction to Computers, the Internet and The Web
2 Introduction to C Programming
3 Structured Program Development in C
4 C Program Control
5 C Functions
6 C Arrays
7 C Pointers
8 C Characters and Strings
9 C Formatted Input/Output
10 C Structures, Unions, Bit Manipulations and Enumerations
11 C File Processing
12 C Data Structures
13 C Preprocessor
14 Other C Topics
15 Game Programming with the Allegro C Library
16 Sorting: A Deeper Look
17 Introduction to C99
18 C++ as a Better C; Introducing Object Technology
19 Introduction to Classes and Objects
20 Classes: A Deeper Look, Part 1
21 Classes: A Deeper Look, Part 2
22 Operator Overloading
23 Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance
24 Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism
25 Templates
26 Stream Input/Output
27 Exception Handling
A Internet and Web Resources
B Operator Precedence Charts
C ASCII Character Set
D Number Systems
E Game Programming: Solving Sudoku


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