Test Bank for Business in Action, 6/E 6th Edition : 0133034046


Test Bank for Business in Action, 6/E 6th Edition : 0133034046



A Descriptive Test Bank for Business in Action, 6/E By Courtland L. Bovee, et al, ISBN-10: 0133034046 • ISBN-13: 9780133034042

Part 1          Setting the Stage: The Business of Business
1 Developing a Business Mindset
2 Understanding Basic Economics
3 The Global Marketplace
4 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Part 2          Building the Framework: Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship
5 Forms of Ownership
6 Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Ownership

Part 3          Guiding the Enterprise: Leadership, Organization, and Operations
7 Management Roles, Functions, and Skills
8 Organization and Teamwork
9 Production Systems

Part 4          Supporting the Workforce: Motivation and Human Resources
10 Employee Motivation
11 Human Resources Management
12 Labor Relations

Part 5          Satisfying the Customer: Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support
13 The Art and Science of Marketing
14 Product and Pricing Strategies
15 Distribution and Marketing Logistics
16 Customer Communication

Part 6          Managing the Money: Accounting and Financial Resources
17 Financial Information and Accounting Concepts
18 Financial Management
19 Financial Markets and Investment Strategies
20 The Money Supply and Banking Systems

Appendix A Business Law
Appendix B Risk Management
Appendix C Information Technology
Appendix D Personal Finance: Getting Set for Life


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