Test Bank for Anybody's Business : 0136086349


Test Bank for Anybody's Business : 0136086349


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A Descriptive Test Bank for Anybody's BusinessByBarbara Van Syckle, Jackson Community CollegeBrian Tietje, California Polytechnic State UniversityISBN-10: 0136086349 • ISBN-13: 9780136086345

1: Financial Intelligence
1. Profit: Open Books, Cash Flow, and Income
2. Build: Balance Sheet, Risk, Financing, and Diversification
3. Compete: Economics and Competition
4. Adapt: Monetary and Fiscal Policy, the Economic Cycle, and Economic Systems
5. Grow: Global

2: Leadership Vision
6. Lead: Vision, Integrity, Change, and Teams
7. Own: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Forms of Ownership
8. Act: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

3: Management Perspective
9. Plan: Roles, Mission, Strategy, and Plans
10. Organize: Organizational Structure, Culture, and Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring
11. Direct, Control, Evaluate Decision Making, Delegating, and Appraising

4: Marketing Savvy
12. Discover: The Marketing Mix, Market Research, and Target Marketing
13. Create: Product Innovation, Branding, Pricing, and Value
14. Communicate: Promotions and Marketing Communications

5: Tech Insight These Chapters Available at
15. Decide: The IT Organization, Data-Driven Decisions, and IT Risks
16. Improve: Operations, Quality, and Distribution

6: Beyond Business These Chapters Available at
17. Connect: Business Presentations, E-mail, and Memos
18. Enforce: Business Law
19. Advance: Careers, Networking, and Interviewing
20. Invest: Your Money, Your Future


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