Test Bank for A Primer for Students and Practitioners : 0205453635


Test Bank for A Primer for Students and Practitioners : 0205453635


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A Descriptive Test Bank for A Primer for Students and Practitioners By William O. Haynes, Carole E. Johnson, ISBN-10: 0205453635 ISBN-13: 9780205453634

Section I:  Introduction to Research in Communication Disorders
Chapter 1:  The Importance of Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Section II:  The Nature of Scientific Inquiry and Essentials of Experimental Control
Chapter 2:  Scientific Principles and Methods Used by Researchers
Chapter 3:  Crafting Scientific and Answerable Questions
Chapter 4:  Controlling Threats and Confounding Variables Through Experimental Design
Section III:  Design and Analysis of Research on Groups and Single Cases
Chapter 5:  Levels of Measurement and Distribution of Scores
Chapter 6:  An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing with Inferential Statistics
Chapter 7:  Common Statistical Analyses for Finding Differences Among Two or More Groups of Conditions on One Independent Variable
Chapter 8:  Studies that analyze differences in groups using factorial designs with more than one independent variable:  Between, Within and Mixed
Chapter 9:  Studies That Measure Relationships Among Variables or Attempt Prediction
Chapter 10:  Single-subject Experimental Designs in Clinical Fields
Section IV:  Evidence-Based Practice and Applied Clinical Research
Chapter 11: Introduction to Evidence-based Practice
Chapter 12: Levels of Evidence
Chapter 13:  Framing the Clinical Question and Searching for the Evidence
Chapter 14: Evaluating the Evidence
Chapter 15: Evidence-based Practice: Blending Patient Preferences, Scientific Evidence, and Clinical Expertise
Section V:  Putting Knowledge into Practice:  Evaluating Research, Designing your own Study and Obtaining Resources
Chapter 16:  Producing Research as a Student or Practitioner
Chapter 17: Grantsmanship: Funding Research Endeavors


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