Men’s Lives 9th Edition Kimmel Messner Test Bank


Men’s Lives 9th Edition Kimmel Messner Test Bank


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Table of Contents


Men’s Lives 9th edition  

Part One: Perspectives on Masculinities


Article 1 Caveman Masculinity: Finding an Ethnicity in Evolutionary Science

Martha McCaughey


Article 2 The Act-Like-a-Man Box Paul Kivel


Article 3 All Men Are Not Created Equal: Asian Men in U.S. History

Yen Le Espiritu


Article 4 The Black Male Privileges Checklist Jewel Woods


Article 5 Latino Masculinities in the Post-9/11 Era Hernan Ramirez and

Edward Flores


Part Two: Boyhood


Article 6 Warrior Narratives in the Kindergarten Classroom: Renegotiating the Social Contract? Ellen Jordan and Angela Cowan


Article 7 “No Way My Boys Are Going to Be Like That!”: Parents’ Responses to Children’s Gender Nonconformity Emily W. Kane


Article 8 “Guys Are Just Homophobic:” Rethinking Adolescent Homophobia and Heterosexuality C. J. Pascoe


Article 9 Making a Name for Yourself: Transgressive Acts and Gender Performance Ann Ferguson


Article 10 A War Against Boys? Michael Kimmel


Part Three: Collegiate Masculinities: Privilege and Peril


Article 11 Guyland: Gendering the Transition to Adulthood Michael Kimmel


Article 12 College Men’s Meanings of Masculinities and Contextual Influences:

Toward a Conceptual Model Frank Harris III


Article 13 Why College Men Drink: Alcohol, Adventure, and the Paradox of Masculinity Rocco L. Capraro


Article 14 The Starbucks Intervention Greg Bortnichak


Part Four: Men and Work


Article 15 The Glass Escalator: Hidden Advantages for Men in the “Female” Professions Christine L. Williams


Article 16 Racializing the Glass Escalator: Reconsidering Men’s Experiences with Women’s Work Adia Harvey Wingfield


Article 17 Sexual Harassment and Masculinity: The Power and Meaning of “Girl Watching” Beth A. Quinn


Article 18 Just One of the Guys?: How Transmen Make Gender Visible at Work

Kristen Schilt


Part Five: Men and Health


Article 19 Masculinities and Men’s Health: Moving toward Post-Superman Era Prevention Don Sabo


Article 20 Old Gay Men’s Bodies and Masculinities Kathleen F. Slevin and Thomas J. Linneman


Article 21 If Men Could Menstruate Gloria Steinem


Article 22 Masculinity, Health, and Human Rights: A Sociocultural Framework

Dr. Shari L. Dworkin


Article 23 Gender Capital and Male Bodybuilders Tristan S. Bridges


Part Six: Men in Relationships


Article 24 ‘He’s Got No Game’: Young Men’s Stories about Failed Romantic and Sexual Experiences Neill Korobov


Article 25 The Politics of Gay Men’s Friendships Peter M. Nardi


Article 26 Gender and the Meanings of Adolescent Romantic Relationships: A Focus on Boys Peggy C. Giordano, Monica A. Longmore, and Wendy D. Manning


Article 27 Men’s Resistance to Equal Sharing Kathleen Gerson




Part Seven: Male Sexualities


Article 28 Becoming 100 Percent Straight Michael A. Messner


Article 29 The Heterosexual Questionnaire M. Rochlin


Article 30 A Pornographic World [What Is Normal?] Robert Jensen


Article 31 They Don’t Want to Cruise Your Type: Gay Men of Color and the Racial Politics of Exclusion Chong-suk Han


Article 32 Fantasy Islands: Exploring the Demand for Sex Tourism Julia O’Connell Davidson and Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor


Part Eight: Men in Families


Article 33 Fathering: Paradoxes, Contradictions, and Dilemmas Scott Coltrane


Article 34 Cruising to Familyland: Gay Hypergamy and Rainbow Kinship Judith Stacey


Article 35 Ethnicity, Race, and Difference: A Comparison of White, Black, and Hispanic Men’s Household Labor Time Anne Shelton and Daphne John


Article 36 Can a Gay Man Be a Housewife? Dana Berkowitz


Part Nine: Masculinities in Religion


Article 37 Young Men, Religion and Attitudes Towards Homosexuality Yasemin Besen and Gilbert Zicklin


Article 38 Jesus was a Feminist Leonard Swidler


Article 39 Godly Manhood Going Wild?: Transformations in Conservative Protestant Masculinity Sally K. Gallagher and Sabrina L. Wood


Article 40 Judaism, Masculinity and Feminism Michael Kimmel


Part Ten: Masculinities in the Media and Popular Culture


Article 41 Misogyny in Rap Music: A Content Analysis of Prevalence and Meanings Ronald Weitzer and Charis E. Kubrin


Article 42 Resistance through Video Game Play: It’s a Boy Thing Kathy Sanford and Leanna Madill



Article 43 Post-Princess Models of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar Ken Gillam and Shannon R. Wooden


Article 44 The Male Consumer as Loser: Beer and Liquor Ads in Mega Sports Media Events Michael A. Messner and Jeffrey Montez de Oca


Part Eleven: Violence and Masculinities


Article 45 The Seven P’s of Men’s Violence Michael Kaufman


Article 46 Athlete Aggression on the Rink and off the Ice: Athlete Violence and Aggression in Hockey and Interpersonal Relationships Nick T. Pappas, Patrick C. McKenry, and Beth Skilken Catlett


Article 47 Men on Rape Tim Beneke


Article 48 Wielding Masculinity inside Abu Ghraib: Making Feminist Sense of an American Military Scandal Cynthia Enloe


Article 49 Male Commitment to Gender Equity and Antiviolence: A National College Study Edward Heisler and Michael W. Firmin


Part Twelve: Men, Movements, and the Future


Article 50 Change among the Gatekeepers: Men, Masculinities, and Gender Equality in the Global Arena Raewyn Connell


Article 51 The Role of Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality United Nations Commission on the Status of Women


Article 52 “How Can I Not?”: Men’s Pathways to Involvement in Anti-Violence Against Women Work Erin Casey and Tyler Smith


Article 53 More Than a Few Good Men Jackson Katz


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